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"All the cocktails have rad names, like Peter Piper’s Pickled Peppered Pineapple, which is fun to make your too-drunk friend say five times fast." - 10 Of the Best NYC Restaurants You Haven't Been to Yet - Refinery29

"Time will reveal its true place amidst the tectonic shifting of Manhattan’s nightlife, but the early feeling is that Nitecap is defining the moment when the New York cocktail world finally did away with the bowties, arm garters, tie clips and ’20s jazz, and started having a little more fun." - PUNCH

"This is a place where you could easily entertain drinkers of all different stripes and levels of expertise, but it's also a neighborhood bar you can relax into when you're just after a beer. We could use a few more of those, no?" - The Village Voice - 10 Best New Bars in NYC, 2014 

"David Kaplan and Alex Day (both of Death & Co.) and Natasha David (formerly of Maison Premiere) helm Nitecap, a subterranean cocktail parlor on the Lower East Side. The inventive menu is organized by how far along you are in the evening: aperitifs to get you started, drinks to keep you going, and, obviously, a few night caps."- Eater NYC - The Cocktail Heat Map: Where to Drink Right Now 

"It's fall. A chill is settling in. So it's time to feed the furnace of your imbibing.Herein, we've collected ten recipes from America's top mixologists of tipplers." -Boys of Summer Cocktail - InsideHook's Cocktail Quarterly Vol. VI 

Thrillist NYC Subway Map with Bars for Every Stop 

"It’s ironic that bars often get the most attention at the very moments they are least prepared for it. Oftentimes, a great space grows and evolves its personality as time goes on. The staff grows more comfortable. The customers sink into the banquets. While a freshly-opened bar can seem like the pretty new girl in town, it is often six months to a year after opening that a bar really gets their game super tight. Of course, with a great bar, you’d never know it." - Fun In a Glass: An Interview with Natasha David of Nitecap

"Orange, Wind, and Fire 
From Kyle Hunter-Bailey, ­bartender at Nitecap. Your basic Old-Fashioned this is not. But you’ll be rewarded for tracking down the ingredients; this cocktail is complex, smoky, and strong—plus it’s showy, perfect for impressing dinner guests." - Grub Street - 5 Liquors to Drink This Winter 

"Instead of the ubiquitous rums, cocktail maven Natasha David bases this cheeky citrus-and-smoke number on Scotch[,] but you wouldn't know it from the island-ready getup." Time Out New York, It's Tiki Time! New Tropical Cocktails In New York City

"This new Lower East Side bar below Schapiro’s serves well-crafted cocktails without the once-novel, now-tired speakeasy trappings. There’s no secret phone number, unmarked entrance or vest-clad “mixologist” policing the place for uncouth vodka orders." - NY Post 

Natasha sounding characteristically elegant on Heritage Radio's The Speakeasy, June 18th, 2014

"There's no secret phone number, unmarked entrance or vest-clad "mixologist" policing the place for uncouth vodka orders. Instead, there's a tattooed dude checking IDs at the door, a dive-bar soundtrack of Hall & Oates and Michael Jackson, and the menu littered with Rodney Dangerfield quotes and jokey drinking games. The cocktails, however, are as serious -- and as well-balanced and delicious -- as they are at more pretentious spots." -- The NY Post, New Downtown Bars Put a Fresh Spin On Going Out On The Town

"In New York City, we're blessed and cursed with the privilege of a new bar opening daily. Some simply survive, some are forgettable, and others, like Nitecap, are worth all of the hype and buzz. Barely two months old, Nitecap is already a ThirstyNYC favorite." - ThirstyNYC

"In a classic Old-Fashioned, rye is the star ingredient. At Nitecap, the Lower East Side's romantic new subterranean cocktail lounge, bar manager Natasha David transforms the recipe into the sultry Exit Strategy by pairing herbal Nonino and Meletti amaros with Germain-Robin Craft-Method brandy and a punch of salt." -

"At this Lower East Side haunt by team Death & Co, the menu reads like a 22-page manual on how to have a killer night." - Time Out New York

"My drink philosophy is… that drinking should be something enjoyable and sociable, not something where you end up with your head in the toilet." - Natasha David - LifestyleAsia

"The space seats about 40 guests and has a dark, lounge feel, perfect for a date or final stop before heading home. The all-star bar team is serving up a serious cocktail program, which is presented to patrons in a funky, playful 18 page booklet complete with jokes, drinking games, and Rodney Dangerfield quotes." - Dipsology

"The newest member of the cocktail world is Nitecap, a LES subterranean watering hole that's already becoming a household name with the downtown crowd." - Guest of a Guest

"The team hasn't revealed very many details about the beverage options, but expect a lot of brandy behind the bar. Some food from Schapiro's is also available." - Eater NY

"Maybe “serious” is the wrong word. There’s a two-scotch killer they devilishly prepare to look like a giant tropical embarrassment. It’s called Tartan Swizzle. But our immediate recommendation: the Moon Suit—calvados, apple brandy, absinthe and bitters. (Might want to only have one of those.)" - Urban Daddy

"Be sure to check out the 'Shorty Service,' which gets you a short glass of beer or wine and a slug of something stronger. See, for example, the lager and Old Granddad bonded bourbon combo or the sherry and Little Kings cream ales for a group. There is a sizeable brandy list, too, plus well-curated collections of rum and whiskey." - Village Voice

"With exposed brick, cozy booths and a beautiful (and well-stocked) bar, Nitecap feels like the cozy, tucked-away drinking den it is. It’s under the restaurant Schapiro’s, which means that guests can order food downstairs — or, if there’s an overflow crowd, have a meal and a quality cocktail upstairs." -

"Over happy hour, I met with six of New York City’s best bartenders—who just happen to be women...Over a few hours and several rounds, the group filled me on on what its like to be a woman behind bars, including the lingering industry sexism, how mustaches and suspenders are ruining everything, and why there’s no such thing as a girly drink." - The Daily Beast

"From a short maple bar, head bartender Natasha David (Maison Premiere) turns out elegant drinks, like a Hakushu highball and the aquavit-and-gin Matagot." - Time Out New York

" The recent failure of Grace, the Murray Hill bar with a bevy of consulting female bartenders, was a reminder that female mixologists still face advancement challenges. But a few recent promotions show some progress. Jillian Vose is now head bartender of the vaunted Dead Rabbit; taking her place at Death & Co. is Eryn Reece. And Nitecap, a Lower East Side basement bar, is piloted by Natasha David, who is also a partner." - Women Behind Bars-Culinary Trends in New York

“I love this industry and think bars and restaurants serve an important role in society and daily life, however, I wish we could all take little steps to try to leave less of an environmental mark." Natasha David Creating the Closed - Loop Cocktail 

"Dominic Venegas happened to be behind the stick that night, and I told him that Manhattans and Negronis were my two favorite drinks, and asked him to make me something might suit me taste. Blond Ambition was the resultant cocktail, and my, oh my, it pushed my buttons so very well." - Gaz Regan's 101 Best New Cocktails, Vol II,

"...women who not only work behind the bar, but own it" -

"In February, Nitecap head bartender Natasha David was named StarChef’s 2015 Rising Star Mixologist. Last November, Eater named Ms. David their national and New York bartender of the year." - More Women in New York are Shaking, Stirring, Pouring - Wall Street Journal

"If you’ve done any serious drinking in the NYC craft cocktail scene, chances are you’ve heard of Natasha David." - Rose and Ramen Drinking with Natasha David of Nitecap -

Cocktails for the Ladies--featuring Natasha David -

“Something that I love about alcohol is the history, tradition and mysticism surrounding it. There is no better spirit to express this sense of history than Chartreuse." - Natasha David, Chilled Magazine, 2015

"This is a place where you could easily entertain drinkers of all different stripes and levels of expertise, but it's also a neighborhood bar you can relax into when you're just after a beer." - The 10 Best Bars in NYC, 2014

"What’s more exciting about a delicious cocktail than a hot, smart, badass woman making you that delicious cocktail?" - The Real Woman's Drink -

"...salt has a way of tying together the flavors." - Natasha David, Salt Solution: Cocktail Culture and Sodium Chloride

"Inspired by cocktail maven Natasha David's affinity for low-ABV boozing, this strawberry spritzer is a sweet reprieve from the season's sticky, sizzling high temps." - Time Out New York, The New Way To Rosé: Eight Summer Cocktails in NYC

“Nitecap doesn't take itself too seriously. Which is important to spell out, because even though the dimly lit basement bar looks like any number of hyper-pretentious, arm-garter joints, the drinks themselves are nobody's joke.” – First We Feast – The Best New NYC Bars of 2014 

Natasha David - Bartender Of The Year- 2014 Eater Awards - 

"...this subterranean speakeasy dwells beneath Schapiro's and is accessed by passing through a dark velvet curtain. The place is tiny and nails that whole subway-rumbling-beneath-you-while-you-recline-in-a-velour-booth vibe. There's a slew of classic and inventive cocktails, and a brandy list that would have made Winston Churchill proud." Best New Bars in NYC 2014

“At the LES basement bar from the Death & Company crew, drinks maven Natasha David pulls inspiration from homey pie for this berry-bourbon tipple. The cup opens strong on cinnamon, but gives way to bright, palate-cleansing ginger, caramel-licked whiskey and bold tart cranberry.” Timeout NY- 100 best dishes and drinks in New York City 2014

“It’s small, a little tucked away and has a fun vibe with a disco ball to boot!...The thing about your favorite bar,” Hawkins adds, “is that you’re never lonely but can always be alone.” - Lacy Hawkins - Departures

"Opened last spring, David’s subterranean Lower East Side haunt quickly made good on its name as the late-night destination for fellow bartenders. Her style is firmly rooted in the classics, but she’s no stranger to whimsy and has a sweet spot for spritzes and lower-proof spirits such as sherry and fortified wine." - Travel & Leisure - 5 Great New York Bartenders

"From dive bars to nightclubs to high-end bars, David has been pouring drinks for 11 years. In addition to helming Nitecap in New York … I don't think mixologist is a bad term and it does say something nice about creating recipes, but it's more important, relatively, to be welcoming and fun with your guests than to be technically perfect" -

"Opened by the crew behind Death & Co, it is, admittedly, a dimly lit little den located in a basement below Jewish restaurant Schapiro's. But don't be fooled by its subterranean looks: Nitecap was design to be a bartender's bar, with plenty of easy drinking, unpretentious quaffs best enjoyed at shift's end." - The Hedonist, Goodbye, Speakeasy: What's Next for New York Cocktail Bars

"Descending the stairs to Nitecap, one can be sure that Natasha David has left no pineapple unjuiced, no straw not recycled, and no wine unnatural in this cocktail-centric cellar." - T.Edward NY Wine Blog, Dancing 

"David Kaplan and Alex Day, the drink experts behind Death & Co.have teamed up with former Maison Premiere bartender Natasha David to open Nitecap, a new cocktail lounge in the basement beneath Schapiro's." - Eater NY

"...female mixologists still face advancement challenges. But a few recent promotions show some progress...Nitecap, a Lower East Side basement bar, is piloted by Natasha David, who is also a partner." NY Times 

"Natasha David of Nitecap created a cocktail called Pinkies Out, incorporating a Slovenian orange wine (Kabaj Rebula), Cocchi Americano, and chamomile-infused Dolin Blanc. With so many layered, complex ingredients -- all grape-derived -- citrus would be an odd man out, but verjus added the necessary balance." - PUNCH, Verjus Is The New Citrus

"It is this bittersweet, pearlescent variation on the spritzer that has become the blueprint for a new generation of bubbling American drinks, like Natasha David's Pinkies Out." - PUNCH, All That Sparkles: Five Spritzer Cocktails

"Cachaça drinks can often be sweet but head bartender Natasha David, inspired by the spirit's grassy, earthier flavors, wanted this libation to feel light and clean." - Time Out New York, Five Cachaça Cocktails to Enjoy While Watching the World Cup

"Nitecap is far from pretentious with rough exposed brickwork, subdued decor and a bar housing cocktail umbrella garnishes and half a dozen spirits on optic. Not to mention a joke laden menu." Rating: Excellent. - Difford's Guide

"My favorite days are spent workshopping new cocktails. At 4pm I start setting up the bar for service. On nights I’m actually behind the bar, I’m making infusions and syrups. On nights I’m not behind the bar, I’m making floral arrangements or helping the servers get ready for their shift." Natasha David - Über's profile on Zagat's 30 under 30

"...the ideal place to unwind from a long day with carefully crafted cocktails and delicious bites to match." - Société Pierrier

"In this interview, [Natasha] David reveals the colors that inspire her cocktails, and why you should laugh at the bar's menu, and her night cap of record." - Fork In The Road, The Village Voice

"The drink list itself is a work of art, both in form and content." CBS New York

"After opening the East Village cocktail lounge Death & Co to raves and then becoming cocktail consultants—they have helped dozens of bar owners world-wide get started—the men are about to launch another night spots of their own." - The Wall Street Journal

"The room -- all twinkling candle light and low-slung booths -- encourages hunkering down. As the subway rumbles beneath your feet, imagine what comfort might come from soft, quilted throw. Did they just dim the lights again? They did." - Tasting Table